• Fixed wiring cables are predominantly used as power supply cables for sockets, switches and light fittings across residential, commercial and industrial environments. They are designed to be installed in a fixed position, fastened to a support or laid in a specific location – they are not suitable for mobile/ static equipment.
  • The excellent resistance to thermal deformation and aging property of XLPE cable permit it to carry large current Maximum under normal (90℃), emergency (130℃) or short circuit no more than 5 s (250℃) conditions.
  • Designed for a wide range of industrial process automation applications, including signal transmission, measurement, control and regulation.
  • Including overhead conductors and ABC Cables.
  • Mining cables are utilized in various types of mining applications and intended for long-term performance in the extremely harsh environment, while providing the greatest levels of safety and productivity. These cables offer excellent flexibility, torsion and drag resistance, in addition to exceptional electrical, temperature parameters, abrasion and flame resistance.
  • For use in applications such as automation systems, production lines and measurement systems.
  • A combination of robustness and flexibility makes rubber cables ideal to provide power supply to portable electrical equipment and devices. The mechanical stresses involved in moving apparatus require cables to withstand a high degree of wear-and-tear.
  • Pre-fabricated cable is a new kind of low voltage distribution products, the prefab style can decrease the labor intensity greatly, shorten worktime, reduce cost greatly. The products is widely used at mid and high building highway, bridges, channels, high level workshop etc with its super performance.
  • Applied for nuclear power plants with reliability in extreme hot/cold, humidity, abrasion, vibration, ,fire-performance in emergency situations: fire retardancy/ fire-resistance and low smoke and low toxicity through halogen-free materials
  • Mineral-insulated copper-clad cable is a variety of electrical cable made from copper conductors inside a copper sheath, insulated by inorganic magnesium oxide powder. The name is often abbreviated to MICC or MI cable. Since MI cables use no organic material as insulation (except at the ends), they are more resistant to fires than plastic-insulated cables. MI cables are used in critical fire prote...
  • Fire Resistant Cables are used in the wiring of the following conditions to maintain circuit integrity in a fire and to ensure maximum safe evacuation of personnel with no detrimental effects like toxic gases or smoke:
  • New type of cables to replace copper and alumunim cables with mix performance.
  • Used for interconnections between the solar panels and the other components of the photovoltaic system.
  • Designed for special purpose.
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